Mean Well GS220
27 June 2017

One of our most popular power supplies is the Mean Well GST series desk top type power adapter. 

Mean Well HLG-240H
27 June 2017

Some exciting news from Mean Well this week. They are increasing the warranty period on the HLG series LED driver from 5 years to 7 years! 

Mean Well LCM-25DA
13 February 2019

Did you know that we stock both Constant Current and Constant Voltage a DALI LED drivers? 

8 March 2019

Power Supplies Australia is pleased to announce that we  stock the Power Source D1-10 1-10VDC dimmer. 

Mean Well CJ04 Waterproof Connector
27 June 2017

Do you sometimes find that the 300mm DC output cable on a LED driver is just not long enough? Well we have a simple solution.

Mean Well LCM-60
27 June 2017

One advantage you enjoy with Mean Well over other well-known brands of LED drivers, is the ability to dim with a voltage signal. The constant current LCM series can be dimmed using a 0-10V signal and the constant voltage HLG and LPF series can be dimmed with a 1-10V input. 

Mean Well HLG-600H
27 June 2017

It is with great excitement that we received our first shipment of the Mean Well HLG-600H series. As with the other Mean Well HLG modelsMean Well HLG-600 LED Driver
the HLG-600 is available in IP67 and IP65 adjustable models. Dimmable versions are also available.