Dimmable LED Drivers

26 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia stocks a wide range dimmable LED drivers.

MEAN WELL Dimmable LED Drivers

In the constant current range, the PWM, NPF, LPF-D, ELG and HLG-H type ‘B’ LED drivers can be dimmed with 1-10VDC*, PWM signal, or resistance. For DALI dimming you can use the DAP-04 DALI Converter in conjunction with any of these models.



(*0-10VDC on the PWM, NPF, ELG, HLG-480H and HLG-600H models)

Power Supplies Australia stocks a simple 1-10VDC dimming pot, which can be used with these LED driver.

The ELG series is also available with a DALI interface, for use with DALI controlled lighting systems.

AC Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers

If you need a constant voltage LED driver with AC phase cut dimming, then look no further than the Power Source range of TRIAC Dimmable LED Drivers.

Power Source PDV-100
AC Phase Cut Dimmable LED Driver


These LED drivers are compatible with most of the leading, or trailing edge TRIAC dimmers that are commonly used in most homes and offices around Australia.

Constant Current Dimmable LED Drivers

In our range of constant current LED drivers there are two families to choose from. The MEAN WELL PCD series with AC phase cut dimming and the MEAN WELL LCM series.

There are two versions of the LCM series. A standard version, which is dimmed using either a 0-10VDC, or PWM signal. The SDF-30 is also compatible with this LED driver.

Mean Well LCM-25DA


Or, a DALI version can be dimmed with either a DALI controller, or push button controller.

Technical Question of the Week: How do I wire a MEAN WELL dimmable LED driver to a wall dimmer?

Power Supplies Australia’s response:

There is only one type of MEAN WELL LED driver that can be used in conjunction with a trailing, or leading-edge TRIAC wall dimmer; the PCD series constant current LED drivers. These have the required AC phase cut dimming, which enables them to work with this type of dimmer.

MEAN WELL PCD Series Constant Current LED Driver


All other dimmable MEAN WELL LED drivers require a different kind of dimming controller and have a specific termination that the dimming controller should be wired to. The D1-10 1-10VDC dimming pot, that we mentioned above will fit into most wall plates and can replace the TRIAC type dimmer. However, you will need to run additional wiring to connect the dimming pot to the dedicated terminals on the LED driver. Do not connect AC to the dimming control terminals. This will damage the LED driver.

If you need a constant voltage type TRIAC dimmable LED driver, then we recommend you consider the Power Source range of LED drivers mentioned above.

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