27 October 2017

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable battery charger.

Dimmable LED Driver
27 June 2017

Technical question of the week: Can I parallel the output of 2 Mean Well HLG series LED drivers?

Switchmode response:

Power supply and LED driver technical advice
25 July 2018

Constant Voltage or Constant Current LED driver?

Technical Question of the week: Do I need a Constant Voltage or Constant Current LED driver?

Switchmode response:

Power Supplies for use with DC Motor
5 September 2017

Not all power supplies will work correctly with DC motors.

This is because electric motors look like a short circuit when they are stopped. Let’s take a look at what you need to consider when choosing a power supply for use with a DC motor.

Power supply and LED driver technical advice
27 March 2019

When selecting a dimmable LED driver for use with LED strip, it is recommended that you select a LED driver with a PWM output.

Unsafe power supply
27 June 2017

We have seen a worrying trend lately. Namely, customers requesting quotes for industrial enclosed power supplies to use as indoor LED drivers.

Dimmable LED Drivers
14 November 2018

Power Supplies Australia stocks a wide range dimmable LED drivers.

Mean Well LCM-25DA
13 February 2019

Did you know that we stock both Constant Current and Constant Voltage a DALI LED drivers? 

8 March 2019

Power Supplies Australia is pleased to announce that we  stock the Power Source D1-10 1-10VDC dimmer. 

Mean Well HLG-600H
27 June 2017

It is with great excitement that we received our first shipment of the Mean Well HLG-600H series. As with the other Mean Well HLG modelsMean Well HLG-600 LED Driver
the HLG-600 is available in IP67 and IP65 adjustable models. Dimmable versions are also available.