Mean Well LCM-25
27 June 2017

The Mean Well LCM series LED driver is a constant current type LED driver, available in 25W, 40W and 60W models. The beauty of these LED drivers is that they have a user selectable output. So one model of LED driver can work with a multitude of different LED light fittings.

Mean Well DAP-04
27 June 2017

The MEAN WELL DAP-04 is a great low cost DALI to PWM converter that can be used with any MEAN WELL LED driver with MEAN WELL’s patented 3-in-1 dimming technology.

Power supply and LED driver technical advice
27 March 2019

When selecting a dimmable LED driver for use with LED strip, it is recommended that you select a LED driver with a PWM output.

Unsafe power supply
27 June 2017

We have seen a worrying trend lately. Namely, customers requesting quotes for industrial enclosed power supplies to use as indoor LED drivers.

Dimmable LED Drivers
14 November 2018

Power Supplies Australia stocks a wide range dimmable LED drivers.

Mean Well HLG-600H
27 June 2017

It’s worthwhile reminding LED driver users that the Mean Well HLG series constant voltage LED drivers can also be used in constant current mode.

Mean Well GS220
27 June 2017

One of our most popular power supplies is the Mean Well GST series desk top type power adapter. 

Mean Well HLG-240H
27 June 2017

Some exciting news from Mean Well this week. They are increasing the warranty period on the HLG series LED driver from 5 years to 7 years! 

Mean Well LCM-25DA
13 February 2019

Did you know that we stock both Constant Current and Constant Voltage a DALI LED drivers? 

8 March 2019

Power Supplies Australia is pleased to announce that we  stock the Power Source D1-10 1-10VDC dimmer.