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4 May 2022

We are sometimes asked what is the rated inrush current duration of a MEAN WELL power supply?

24 March 2023

This is a question we were recently asked by one of our customers, who had initially selected a MEAN WELL LDB-L DC to DC LED driver for use in a 12-volt solar/battery off-grid setup.

30 October 2023

We sometimes take calls from customers with a MEAN WELL battery charger in their caravan, which does not show a light when it is powered up.

4 November 2021

The MEAN WELL A300 series modified sine wave inverter gives you a remarkable level of functionality at a low cost.

8 October 2021

When a LED light fails the presumption that is often made is that the LED driver has failed.

8 October 2021

We were contacted by a customer wanting to use the MEAN WELL DDR-120B-48 to convert a 24V source to power a 30W, 48V power injector for another piece of equipment.

7 October 2021

Some applications require an inverter that can accept a negative (–v) voltage input.

31 August 2021

We think the MEAN WELL TN series inverters are the best for caravans.

31 August 2021

A customer contacted Power Supplies Australia, who was working on a project with LED luminaires, which were powered by 2 x MEAN WELL ELG-240-C1050DA LED drivers.

31 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia was recently contacted by a customer who wanted to know if he could connect the negative output of a MEAN WELL MPM series power supply to earth ground?

20 April 2023

You may have noticed that in the data sheets of some MEAN WELL battery chargers it states that the charger can be used for Lithium-ion batteries, and to contact MEAN WELL for further information.

31 August 2021

We were asked by a customer that uses MEAN WELL power supplies in many of their products if they needed to fuse the negative output cable in a 24VDC floating power supply, and if so why?  

15 November 2023

The answer is not without the battery charger being modified first. 

31 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia was recently contacted by a customer, who was wiring 4 MEAN WELL 24V 180W LED drivers with 3-in-1 dimming to a commonly used lighting control system to power RGBW LED strip. 

15 November 2023

We were contacted by a customer, who had a MEAN WELL PB-600 series battery charger in his caravan.