21 July 2020

If you are looking for a replacement power supply, then Power Supplies Australia maybe able to help you.  

9 September 2020

We were contacted by a customer, who had a MEAN WELL PB-600 series battery charger in his caravan.

9 September 2020

This is a question that we were recently asked by one of our customers.

13 July 2020

We recently had a customer ask if we recommend earthing the 0VDC from the V- DC output terminal of MEAN WELL DIN rail power supplies. Or, would we recommend leaving the DC output floating, so it is isolated from protected earth? 

New to Power Supplies Australia
17 April 2020

Power Supplies Australia will receive stock of the new MEAN WELL DDRH-60 series of DIN rail DC to DC converters with a wide input voltage range of 150~1500VDC late April. 

New to Power Supplies Australia
17 April 2020

Power Supplies Australia is now stocking MEAN WELL’s new range of slimline DIN rail mount redundancy modules, the DRDN20 and DRDN40 series. 

17 April 2020

International freight has been affected by the measures that governments around the World have taken to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Power Supplies Australia Information
9 April 2020

The MEAN WELL PB-600 series battery chargers have 3 different charging modes, which are selected via a switch located adjacent to the output terminals.  

5 March 2020

Power Supplies Australia carries the largest stock holding of MEAN WELL power supplies in Australia.  

4 December 2019

There are basically two types of DC to AC inverter on the market; Modified Sine Wave and True Sine Wave.