Problems with Dimming LEDs
25 July 2018

Many LED downlights have electronics integrated into their design, which regulates the current being supplied to the LEDs.

New to Power Supplies Australia
25 July 2018

Power Supplies Australia now has the MEAN WELL NPF Series LED drivers in stock, with Australian approvals.

DIN Rail DC Converter
16 May 2018

Power Supplies Australia is pleased to announce that MEAN WELL’s new range of DIN rail DC to DC converters is now in stock.

24 January 2018

We have recently added several MEAN WELL DC to DC LED drivers to the Power Supplies Australia online store, which have a built in DALI interface.

Mean Well PWM-90-12
24 January 2018

The new MEAN WELL PWM-120 LED driver with built in DALI interface is now available from the Power Supplies Australia online store!

Low Cost MEAN WELL LED with PWM Output
23 January 2018

Power Supplies Australia has recently added the new low cost range of MEAN WELL dimmable constant voltage LED drivers with a PWM output, to the online store.

Why has my MEAN WELL LED driver failed
14 November 2018

It is very rare that agood quality LED driver fails because of a manufacturing fault. In most cases the failure is caused by a problem with the installation, or there are some environmental factors at play.

Avoid overloading power supplies
26 October 2017

Care should always be taken to avoid overloading your MEAN WELL power supply.

Mean Well DAP-04
31 August 2017

When using the MEAN WELL LCM-DA LED drivers in a Master/Slave configuration, all the slave units must be set to 100% output level.