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Power Supplies Australia – The Easy Way to buy MEAN WELL Power Supplies!

We are Australian owned and Australia’s Premier Stockist of MEAN WELL Power Supplies. MEAN WELL is recognised as one of the world’s top manufacturers of switching power supplies. Total quality assurance and customer satisfaction are the central pillars on which MEAN WELL has built its reputation. MEN WELL recognises that reliability in long-term use, functionality and cost are all of great importance, but that it is reliability that makes MEAN WELL power supplies truly superior.

At Power Supplies Australia we make buying MEAN WELL simple.

Power Supplies Australia’s strong commitment to holding stock of MEAN WELL power supplies in Australia ensures reliability of supply. We understand that when you place an order you expect to receive your power supplies in a timely manner, not to be advised that there is an intolerably long lead time.

That’s not all! If you are struggling to find what you need, then one of our customer service team will only be too happy to advise you on what MEAN WELL power supplies you should consider. MEAN WELL has a broad range of power supplies, so we are sure to have the right power supply for your application; ranging from low and high voltage LED transformers and drivers, a variety of DC-DC converters, single and multi-rail enclosed power supplies, din rail power supplies, open frame power supplies, DC-AC inverters, security UPS and battery chargers right through to desktop and plug pack power adapters.

Australian Approvals – Don’t Risk It!

When you buy a MEAN WELL power supply overseas through an online seller you may unwittingly buy a MEAN WELL power supply that doesn’t have Australian approvals!

This is because the some of standard models produced by MEAN WELL has been designed to comply with other international standards, such as CE (Europe) and UL (North America). These standards are not recognised in Australia. The MEAN WELL power supplies Power Supplies Australia stocks have been modified at the MEAN WELL factory, so that they comply with Australian standards. However, they carry the same part# as the version available overseas.

It is the importer, sho is responsible for ensuring the power supply is approved. Not the overseas seller.

Power Supplies Australia  ensures that any MEAN WELL power supply you buy from us carries the correct Australian Safety and EMC approvals and displays the RCM mark, giving you peace of mind that the power supply you have selected is fully compliant for use in Australia and you are not risking your business by falling fowl of the law.

Any Time – Any Day

Not enough hours in the day? Well the Power Supplies Australia simple to use on-line store means that you can place an order for your power supply at any time, day or night! You can start placing your order this very minute if you like. Just click on the HOME button at the top of this page to get started.