Why Power Supplies Australia Is The Nation’s Leader


With a specialty product like power supplies, customers need someone they can trust to not only provide the right product but a supplier that can help them after the sale as well. That is why customers choose Power Supplies Australia, the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of power supply units. Established in 1982, PSA has grown into not only Australia’s go-to supplier, but also a global leader in the industry. The company’s goal is to provide customers with unrivaled customer service, phenomenal pricing, and fast delivery. 

Power Supplies Australia maintains a warehouse in Melbourne that is stocked with over 45,000 Meanwell products. From industrial power supplies to their specialty, LED power sources, PSA carries a solution for everyone. Customers needing a solution quickly are in business when dealing with Power Supplies Australia. The well-stocked warehouse allows the company to deliver their products rather promptly and, with flat rate shipping, customers save on shipping charges.

The difference between Power Supplies Australia and the rest of the competition is the service that customers receive before, during, and after the purchase. Power supplies are very technical and selecting the appropriate one involves knowledge and experience. The customer service staff at PSA possesses both knowledge of product and experience of all things power supply. Customers can be confident knowing that a professional is assisting them with a difficult decision. Customers also benefit from that expertise after the sale. When questions arise around their chose power source, Power Supplies Australia is always there with an answer.