31 August 2021

We think the MEAN WELL TN series inverters are the best for caravans.

31 August 2021

We had a customer contact us, who needed to replace a MEAN WELL SPV-1500-12 power supply, which had given many years of service.

31 August 2021

A customer contacted Power Supplies Australia, who was working on a project with LED luminaires, which were powered by 2 x MEAN WELL ELG-240-C1050DA LED drivers.

31 August 2021

We were recently contacted by a customer looking for a DC 12V charger with a variable voltage of 10-15A.

31 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia was recently contacted by a customer who wanted to know if he could connect the negative output of a MEAN WELL MPM series power supply to earth ground?

31 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia was recently contacted by a customer who had been trying to use the MEAN WELL HRP-300-24 as a battery charger.

8 October 2021

You may have noticed that in the data sheets of some MEAN WELL battery chargers it states that the charger can be used for Lithium-ion batteries, and to contact MEAN WELL for further information.

31 August 2021

We were asked by a customer that uses MEAN WELL power supplies in many of their products if they needed to fuse the negative output cable in a 24VDC floating power supply, and if so why?  

31 August 2021

We recently had a customer contact Power Supplies Australia, who was considering using 4 of the MEAN WELL TDR-960-24s in parallel.

31 August 2021

The answer is not without the battery charger being modified first.