Is your LED Power Supply Safe?

26 August 2021

We have seen a worrying trend lately. Namely, customers requesting quotes for industrial enclosed power supplies to use as indoor LED drivers.

This is dangerous.

Enclosed power supplies are designed to be used inside another piece of equipment or machinery, where they cannot be touched by an unqualified person. They have exposed AC terminals. Touching these could result in electrocution!

Enclosed Power Supply - Only Use Inside Finished Equipment


If you need an indoor LED power supply, please use one of the dedicated MEAN WELL indoor LED drivers.

Technical question of the week: What is a Class 2 (Class II) Power Supply?

Switchmode response:

Believe it or not Class 2 and Class II are 2 completely different things.

Class 2 refers to a classification that appears in the National Electric Code (NEC) in the US.

To prevent electrical cable overheating due to excessive currents and electric shock, limits the power output of a 24VDC AC-DC power supply to 100 watts.

This is why some DIN rail power supplies rated at 91W rather than 100W. This is because if the power supply is overloaded, any tolerance in the over current protection has to be accounted for.

Class II indicates that a power supply is double insulated and doesn’t need an earth pin. Some Mean Well LED drivers and Power Adapters are Class II power supplies and show this symbol on the label.

Class 2

Wrap up:

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