Here’s Where To Find An Industrial 24v Power Supply


When you are in need of an industrial 24v power supply, the answer is Power Supplies Australia. The online distributor of power supplies is easy to use and offers access to excellent customer service. In an industry that is very technical, PSA representatives are available to answer any question that may arise. The company offers products at great prices and stocks over 45,000 Meanwell units in their warehouse in Melbourne. Not only do they provide great products at great prices, but with their warehouse supply they can have power supply units out to customers very quickly.

Power Supplies Australia has been in operation for over 30 years. Beginning in 1982, the company has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry. They have grown into the leading power supply manufacturer and supplier in all of Australia. The key is providing quality power supply units, like Meanwell products, and backing them up with excellent service. Meanwell offers products for both industrial and more small-scale needs. They provide everything from an industrial 24v power supply to LED transformers and more.

Power supply units are very technical and specialised. Power Supplies Australia offers customers not only the best high quality and most reliable products on the market, but also a wealth of knowledge about the various power supply units. The highly-trained and experienced customer service personnel are available to help customers find the right power supply product for their application. They can also help after the sale as well. This service is what sets PSA apart from the competition.