The Importance of Meanwell Constant Current LED Drivers


When it comes to LED technology, Meanwell constant current LED drivers offer the protection necessary for LEDs within their product range. A constant current LED driver offers stability to LED units, preventing harmful current fluctuations from the power source to the LED. While LED constant current drivers come in a variety of models, depending on the voltage and the output of the LED, they have one thing in common. They supply a constant current of regulated power to the LED. All LEDs are sensitive to current fluctuations, and without this constant current, LEDs can experience shortened life spans and malfunctions, ranging from dimming to outright failure. 

Whether an LED constant current driver requires an ac phase cut dimming or dali dimming, Meanwell constant current LED drivers have a variety of solutions. The company, Meanwell Power Supplies, has been producing quality LED constant current drivers for an Australian market for the last eight years, and quality power products for over thirty years. In the past year, they have expanded their selection of LED drivers to more broadly service the needs of their customers, offering four different types of constant current LED drivers.

With so many LED constant current drivers on the market, however, what sets Meanwell apart for Australian manufacturers is the knowledge that purchasing a constant current LED driver from Meanwell Power Supplies Australia ensures that all drivers come with the necessary Australian approvals. While all Meanwell products are created equal, purchasing from Meanwell Power Supplies Australia provides manufacturers with the LED constant current driver that is perfectly suited for their needs, avoiding the complications of non-compliant LED drivers.