Connecting Mean Well Power Supplies in Series

26 August 2021

Technical Question of the Week: Can I connect MEAN WELL Power Supplies in Series?

The answer is: Yes.

Any MEAN WELL power supply can be connected in series .They isolated outputs, so that that they can be connected in series to give you a higher voltage.

This is particularly useful if you have an unusual voltage that you need. Different power supplies with different voltages can be connected in series to give you the final voltage that you need.

However, you need to ensure that the power supplies you are connecting in series all have a very similar current rating.         

For example, if you want 60V at 5A, you can put a MEAN WELL NDR-240-48 and a MEAN WELL NDR-120-24 in series and adjust the voltage to give you the 60V.



Both of these power supplies are rated at 5A so they will run without one overpowering the other.

In general practice it is recommended that you put a diode across the output of each power supply.

This is to prevent reverse voltage across the power supplies, should one start before the other. See the below diagram as an example.

Connecting two power supplies in series


Most of the MEAN WELL power supplies have circuitry that incorporates these diodes internally.

The exception is the Mean Well SDR series DIN rail power supplies.  Diodes are definitely needed across the output to prevent reverse voltage damaging the output stages, as per the above diagram.

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