Connecting Mean Well Power Supplies in Parallel

26 August 2021

Technical question of the week: Can I connect two MEAN WELL power supplies in parallel?

The answer is yes, so long as the power supplies in question have a ‘current sharing’ function.

In fact, depending on the actual power supply in question, you may be able to connect more than two in parallel.

Many people believe that you can use any two power supplies in parallel, so long as you use two diodes to isolate the power supplies.

This is not correct. This will only give you redundancy. In other words, if one power supply fails then the other will take over the load. But it will not allow the power supplies to share the load.

MEAN WELL power supplies that feature the current sharing function and can be connected in parallel are:



Power Output



960 Watts

Mean Well SDR-960


960 Watts

Mean Well TDR-960


600 Watts

Mean Well PSP-600


1000 Watts

Mean Well RSP-1000


1500 Watts

Mean Well RSP-1500


2000 Watts

Mean Well RSP-2000


2400 Watts

Mean Well RSP-2400


3000 Watts

Mean Well RSP-3000


5000 Watts

Mean Well RST-5000


10,000 Watts

Mean Well RST-10000


The product data sheets will show how the two power supplies that are to be paralleled should be connected.

Below is an example of one such wiring diagram, which shows how a Mean Well power supply with the current sharing function can be connected in parallel. Please refer to the data sheet for the particular power supply you wish to use.

Connecting power supplies in parallel

If you have any further questions on connecting power supplies in parallel, please do not hesitate to contact Power Supplies Australia. We are here to help.