What are Mean Well DCDC Converters?


Mean Well DCDC converters are used in portable electronic devices, like cell phones or a laptop computers, or other electronics that are powered primarily with batteries.  Each of these devices has its own voltage level which is different from the battery or other supply, either higher or lower, and needs the battery to be charged effectively in order to remain active.

DC to DC converters can increase voltage without the use of multiple batteries, but accomplishing the same power boost.  These converters regulate the output voltage by using different methods.  Linear, switched-mode conversion, electromechanical, electrochemical, and capacitative methods are all utilised in these converters.  

An interesting method is the magnetic method, where energy is stored for a time in a magnetic field and then released later when it is needed.  The magnetic component is either an inductor or a transformer and can operate continuously, where the current fluctuates but never goes down to zero, or in a discontinuous mode, where the current goes down to zero at or before the end of each cycle.  This controls the output voltage and the output and input currents to maintain a consistent power, which is an efficient way to use energy.

Mean Well DCDC converters have an extensive range from 0.5 Watts to 1000 Watts which means they can be used expansively in technologies of different sizes and voltage.  They include products with single, dual, and triple outputs.  In essence, these devices are classed as power converters and they take a Direct Current (DC) from one voltage level to another through innovative means.