Mean Well Desktop Adapters Are Environmentally Friendly


External power supplies for desktop computers have often been considered to be energy-wasters, but Mean Well Desktop Adapters are energy efficient, and comply with worldwide energy regulations.  This energy-saving equipment will help lower energy costs in any home or business.

Mean Well Desktop Adapters possess low no-load power consumption and so they use up to 94% efficiency whether in an active mode, or waiting in standby.  Often, the energy consumed during standby mode, or when the electronic device is not even plugged into the power source is the real culprit in energy costs.  Therefore, the lower the no-load power consumption, the better.  These adapters do all this while still maintaining universal, full range AC input and protections against overload, over voltage, and over temperature.   

Lowering energy costs should be a goal for any business.  Not only does it save money, but it helps protect the environment.  Using green technologies will help lower the collective contribution to greenhouse gases that electric power creates.   For most companies, when helping the environment can align itself with lower energy costs, the decision is a no-brainer.  Technology is advancing at a remarkable rate, and the inclusion of solar and other energy-efficient electronics is the wave of the future.  Creating a company or home environment that is helpful instead of hurtful to the environment is a beautiful thing.

For a home or business looking to lower their energy bills, switching to green technology like Mean Well desktop adapters can be a convenient, easy way to retain the frequent use of computer power, without causing energy costs to skyrocket.