Mean Well Constant Current LED Drivers Go The Distance


Few constant current LED drivers offer the same quality as Mean Well constant current LED drivers, for several reasons. Mean Well drivers are specifically geared towards Australian energy needs, they are made with a constant current design, and they come with a warranty, to name a few.

Constant current LED drivers provide a constant current of power to an LED device that protects it from power surges and minor current fluctuations that can cause damage to LED displays. Mean Well has a variety of models to choose from, depending on the need of the consumer, from AC phase cut dimming models to dali dimming models, and are designed for both indoor and outdoor installation. Some models are ideal for street lighting and signs, and other models are the go-to choice for smaller LED lighting needs.

Certain models work with leading edge and trailing edge TRIAC, some are suitable for dry, wet, and damp locations, some have a three-in-one dimming function, some are suitable for driving LED, and others cool by free air convection. No matter the specifications of the model, all are Energy Safe Australia approved, and all are designed for LED lighting. The warranties range between two and five years, even for the lower priced models, and most models come with several other output voltages upon request.

The variety of choices for customers like power companies sets Mean Well constant current LED drivers ahead of the competition, and the warranty gives the constant current LED drivers the insurance to perform at optimum capacity.