How To Choose A Mean Well DIN Rail


At Mean Well, DIN Rail industrial power supplies are a specialty.  A DIN rail is a mount for certain electrical components in a control cabinet.  The "DIN" indicates that the rail is constructed to a universal standard for its dimensions, and can be used to mount circuit breakers or other control technology inside equipment racks.  

Choosing a DIN Rail involves selecting the right materials, design, and mounting options.  

Typically, a DIN rail is made from a zinc plated, yellow chromated steel.  Considering the area where the DIN rail will be mounted is important, as similar metals can prevent deterioration and electrical grounding problems.  Steel rails are vital if the components which are going to be mounted are heavy, as they are the most durable and strong, but DIN rails also come in aluminum, copper, and other metals.  

DIN rails also often come with a variety of mounting options.  Generally, they are available with or without mounting slots.  A pre-manufactured mounting slot makes fastening the DIN rail into an enclosure a quick, simple process.  Many companies will also customise the slots to customer specs, which is definitely more convenient than manually punching or cutting the rail.  Pre-punched rails can definitely reduce installation time.

Choosing a DIN rail should take some thoughtful consideration about the materials and mounting options.  At Mean Well, DIN rails come in a large variety, ranging from 10 Watts up to 3 phase 960 Watts, so it is guaranteed that there will be a DIN rail that fits any enclosure or space that might require it.