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We think the MEAN WELL TN series inverters are the best for caravans.

MEAN WELL solar inverters are perfect for caravans and recreational vehicles (RVs).

Many of us look forward to the day when we can retire and spend the rest our days travelling around Australia in a caravan.

And why not? We live on such a vast continent that it is impossible to see all of its gems in a few short holidays.

A long road trip usually demands a lot of planning. Not only do you have to decide what places you are going to see, which is the fun bit, you also have to make sure that you will have enough fuel, water and access to power throughout the journey.

Access to power lets you enjoy all the comforts of home in your caravan, as well as staying connected with your loved ones so that they know you are well and having a great time.

This is where the MEAN WELL TN-1500, or MEAN WELL TN-3000 solar DC-AC inverter can help you.

MEAN WELL TN-1500 Solar Inverter
MEAN WELL TN-1500 Inverter
MEAN WELL TN-3000 Solar Inverter
MEAN WELL TN-3000 Inverter


Picture yourself travelling around Australia towing a caravan.

On the roof are a couple of solar panels. Behind the front hatch you have a pair of 100Ah Gel batteries and a MEAN WELL TN-1500 / TN-3000 solar inverter. You don't even have to think of the sun charging your batteries as you travel along. You can just relax and soak up the delights that Australia has to offer.

It’s time for a photo stop, so you plug the kettle into the caravan’s 240VAC and take the opportunity to enjoy a nice cuppa.



When you are back on the road the MEAN WELL inverter quietly tops up the batteries, leaving you to the important task of enjoying yourself.

Later that evening, you arrive at a caravan park only to find that there are no powered sites left.

Not a problem for you.

You have plenty of battery power for the radio, a few more cuppas after dinner and a movie.



You can rest easy, knowing that the lower limits you had previously set on your MEAN WELL TN-1500 inverter will ensure your batteries are not discharged too low. This was so easy to set up with the MEAN WELL inverter software you installed on your laptop.

Next day the solar panels slowly do their thing again.

During the day you make a few long Skype calls to the kids and grandkids.

The grandkids are stoked to see you again and of course the kids ask the usual questions: How are you? Keeping well? No mishaps? It wasn’t that long ago you were worrying about them!

Thanks to the MEAN WELL TN-1500, or TN-3000 solar inverter the laptop (or iPad) remained fully charged.



The next day the weather is a bit ordinary. Some heavy clouds have rolled in and the solar panels are struggling to charge the batteries. You spot this on the compact remote display unit, which is neatly mounted inside the caravan.

You head to the next location and score a powered site where you plug into the mains.  The MEAN WELL inverter then sends the power straight through to all 240VAC outlets, allowing you to charge all your mobile devices, laptops, etc.



Most importantly the TN-1500 / TN-3000 inverter, has its own built in charger, so it uses the extra power to fully charge your 100Ah batteries.

That night you have arranged to meet friends for dinner. Of course you want to look your best. And even though the temperamental mains AC power hooked up to your caravan fails, one of you continues to blow dry your hair. Fortunately, your MEAN WELL solar inverter is set to Uninterruptible Mode and seamlessly switches to battery power so that you can continue getting ready.



Without thinking, your other half puts the kettle on at the same time, which is way too much power for the inverter to handle.  It shuts down to protect itself and the batteries. A quick off/on reset is all that's required so you can finish drying your hair.  The cup of tea will have to wait a few minutes.

The next day the weather is perfect and you are off to discover yet another piece of Australia with your caravan in tow.

Please contact Power Supplies Australia if you would like more information about MEAN WELL's inverters.

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