Footprint Options For Meanwell DIN Rails


It is important to make sure that the Meanwell DIN rail you purchase is suitable for your specific needs.  The power components need to fit on the rail, but creating a professional control panel design that saves money and time requires some consideration.  That is why selecting a model can be an extremely important step.  Different models of DIN rails are defined as "footprints".  There are three main footprints: TS-32, TS-35, and TS-15.

  • The TS-32 rail is often recognizable by its C-shape.  This is the strongest of all the rails and can mount transformers and other overly large power supplies, but may require extra accessories as some newer components are not built to fit it.
  • The TS-35 rail is the industry standard and is available in a 7.5mm height, which is the more cost-effective, or a 15mm height, which provides added durability and strength.  All new and existing designs are built to match this footprint.
  • The TS-15 rail is used to mount terminal blocks in a space that might be more confined and is more than half the width of the other two footprints.

Other components of DIN rails are extremely important to consider, such as wattage, efficiency, cooling, and protections against high voltage and overloads. However, the first step is to choose the right model for each specific project and go from there.  

Of course, Meanwell DIN rails come in over 80 specific and innovative DIN rail models and power supplies, so there is a DIN rail available for each need.