What is the Best Dimmable DC LED Driver for Use with Solar Lights?

24 March 2023

This is a question we were recently asked by one of our customers, who had initially selected a MEAN WELL LDB-L DC to DC LED driver for use in a 12-volt solar/battery off-grid setup.

The customer was trying to figure out how to activate the dimming function using the Power Source D1-10 dimmer

1-10V dimmer switch
Power Source D1-10 1-10V Dimmer


The dimming function on the LDB-L series LED drivers is activated by applying a 5V PWM signal. It is not compatible with the D1-10 mentioned above.  

MEAN WELL LDB-L Series DC to DC LED Driver
MEAN WELL LDB-L Series DC to DC LED Driver


There is no straightforward way to generate a 5V PWM signal. Although there are some after-market PWM dimmers available, we have not found one that is easy to use that can be mounted in a wall plate. 

Therefore, for this application, we suggested the customer use an LDH-25 series DC-DC LED driver. This is because they are compatible with the D1-10 dimmer.  

MEAN WELL LDH-25W Series DC to DC LED Driver
MEAN WELL LDH-25W Series DC to DC LED Driver


The LDH drivers are slightly different to the LDBs in that the output voltage must be higher than the input voltage by greater than three volts. This should not be a problem as most LED panels operate at around 30V and in this scenario input was 12V.  

You would need to make sure that the LED operates at greater than 15V to use the LDH-25 LED driver. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Power Supplies Australia, if you require assistance in selecting a suitable LED driver for your battery or solar powered LED lighting.