Australian RCM Mark

Watch Out for LED Drivers without an RCM Mark!

27 June 2017

The number of unapproved LED drivers coming into Australia without an RCM mark is alarming.

From what we see on a regular basis, the majority are either imported along with LED light fittings that have been purchased from suppliers in Asia, or have been purchased online from an overseas based distributor.

Below is a recent example of a LED driver, which came in with a LED light fitting.

As you can see, there is no RCM mark and the label has just been typed up.

LED Driver without RCM Mark


When you buy an electrical item from overseas, it is your responsibility as the importer to ensure that any LED driver, which accompanies the LED light fitting has Australian approvals and displays and RCM mark. This includes if you have purchased the item online from a distributor, who is not based in Australia.

This is a ‘gotcha’ to be aware of.

A ‘’ domain is no guarantee that the business is based in Australia, nor is pricing that is shown in Australian Dollars.

Check the ‘about us’, or ‘contact’ page to see where the business is located.

If they do not have an Australian address and an ABN number, you are the one who is responsible for ensuring what you are buying has been tested and approved, according to the Australian Electrical Safety regulations.

When you buy from Power Supplies Australia, you are buying from an Australian owned business, who holds stock here in Australia. We have had all of the testing and certification carried out, which is required by law. The LED drivers we supply will be correctly labelled with an RCM mark.

If you are buying LED light fittings from overseas and the LED driver is external to the light fitting then it will need to have been tested and certified according to Australian standards and show an RCM mark. It is your responsibility as the importer to ensure that this has been done.

If the power supply is fitted inside a light fitting it doesn’t need to be approved. However, the light fitting itself has to be tested for electrical safety and the test reports must be made available within 10 days of any request made by any of the Australian state based electrical safety regulators.

As a part of the introduction of the new RCM mark, more resources are being put into inspection of electrical goods, in order to prosecute anyone bringing in non-complaint LED drivers and other electrical items.

Penalties for breaking the law include hefty fines and periods of imprisonment.

What happens if you have imported a non-approved LED driver?

The answer to this question is purely up to the regulators.

If the non-approved LED driver has caused death by electrocution, or has started a fire then expect the consequences to be severe. The regulations exist to prevent such events occurring.

If no one has been harmed and no property damaged, the consequences are still costly. You can still expect to incur some sort of penalty and you will most likely have to fund a mandatory recall of any products you have sold into the Australian market place.

You may remember the recall of substandard electrical cables that had been sold around Australia. The below link takes you to the recall notice on the Energy Safe Victoria website.

Take a note of who is having to pay for the recall!

You may be tempted to buy from overseas because you think it is cheaper to do so. In fact in many cases our pricing is more competitive than that offered by some of the overseas based online resellers.

Don’t forget that volume pricing is also available on request. Simple call Power Supplies Australia on 1800 632 693 for a quote. Or of you would rather send your request by E-mail, please use the ‘CONTACT’ link above.