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The Travellers Sidekick: Welcome The MEAN WELL NGE100 Travellers Fast Charger

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The NGE100 Series is the one-stop shop for travellers' charging needs, with fast & quick charging capabilities for smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones and portable gaming systems.


As European legislation comes into effect, many major consumer electronics producers have begun to migrate products toward encompassing USB-C charging ports, effectively becoming a global standard. The MEAN WELL NGE100 Series is designed to bridge the international gap for travellers, providing users with an incredibly powerful power supply to meet the various charging requirements regardless of where the average globetrotter needs to charge.


PSA - NGE100 U Series Fast Charger & International Adapters
The MEAN WELL NGE100 Series comes standard with EU, UK, AU, US, KR & CN Power Point Adapters



The NGE100 series provides users with two USB-C charging ports and two USB-A charging ports, totalling 4 charger ports to charge devices simultaneously. The USB-C ports feature PD3.0 charging protocol, providing users with fast charging capabilities of up to 100W, whilst the USB-A ports feature QC3.0 protocol, affording users quick charge capabilities of up to 35W from these outputs.  


This handy device comes standard with an arrangement of international adapters, with six in total, providing adapters for the US, China, Europe, United Kingdom, Korea, and Australia. Designed for international travel, the NGE100 can accept all conventional international power ranges from 90 ~ 264 VAC at frequency ranges from 47 ~ 63Hz. 


PSA - NGE100 U Series Fast Charger Inputs ( 2 x fast charging USB-C & 2 x quick charging USB-A ports)
The MEAN WELL NGE100 Series features 2 x USB-C Fast Charging Ports & 2 x USB-A Quick Charging Ports



This handy charger also comes standard with built-in short circuit/overload/over-temperature protections, additionally featuring flame-retardant casing and a range of international safety certifications. The MEAN WELL NGE100 is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


The MEAN WELL NGE100 Series is designed to meet the fast-charging requirements of the modern traveller’s repertoire of tech to ensure little downtime is spent charging and more time devoted to seeing the sights of their travels.  


If you’d like to learn more about the MEAN WELL NGE100 Series, contact the Power Supplies Australia Team here. 

NGE100 U Series Travellers Fast Charger