How Many LED Drivers Can be Used with a D Type Breaker?

31 August 2021

A customer contacted Power Supplies Australia, who was working on a project with LED luminaires, which were powered by 2 x MEAN WELL ELG-240-C1050DA LED drivers.


MEAN WELL ELG-240-C Series LED Driver


The LED driver data sheet provided the customer some useful guidance on miniature circuit breaker (MCB) coordination (16A, type ‘C').  

The customer was also proposing the use of the MEAN WELL ICL-28R inrush limiters to enable up to 6 luminaires (12 drivers) on a 20A type 'C' MCB circuit. 

However, the customer also wished to consider the option of using type 'D' MCB's, either directly or via the inrush limiters. Therefore, we were asked for guidance on that coordination.  

Power Supplies Australia has published a table that guides customer on the number of power supplies that can be used with MEAN WELL inrush current limiters, depending on the type of breaker used. 

You can download this table by clicking on the following link: 

PDF icon psa_circuit_breaker_table_for_mean_well_inrush_current_limiters.pdf

If you have any questions about using MEAN WELL power supplies, please do not hesitate to contact Power Supplies Australia