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30 August 2021

True Sine Wave inverters are sometimes referred to as Pure Sine Wave inverters.

Like all inverters, true sine wave inverters take direct current (DC) from a battery, solar panel or other generating source and convert it into 240V alternating current (AC).

True Sine Wave Inverter


Unlike a modified sine wave inverter, true sine wave inverters deliver the AC current in the same form as the power points in your home.

Alternating current (AC), as its name suggests, alternates its direction at a fast frequency. This frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). In Australia, the AC power supply frequency is 50Hz (50 cycles per second).

The AC mains delivered to the power points in your home or business alternates smoothly with a sinusoidal curve that has a rounded peak and a clean ‘zero cross’ to a rounded valley. The below diagram will help visualise what this looks like.

True Sine Wave



This is what we know as a true sine wave and the output of a true sine wave inverter looks the same.

This means that you can use a true sine wave inverter to power any appliance or gadget that you would normally power from a power point in your home, including advanced, sensitive electronic circuits.

Some digital clocks use the incoming AC current to calculate time. The internal microprocessor ‘counts’ how many times the voltage crosses through zero volts, or ‘zero crosses.’

True sine waveforms cross zero cleanly allowing these digital clocks to calculate time accurately. The waveform of the AC output on a modified sine wave inverter ‘rests’ on zero for a few milliseconds. The microprocessor could read this ‘rest’ as multiple zero crosses resulting in the time being calculated incorrectly.

Therefore, you must use a true sine wave inverter to power any device with sensitive, or advanced electronics. Nearly all such devices have built in clocks or timing functions.

The following are some of devices may not run properly and may even be damaged, with a modified sine wave inverter:

  • Built-in clocks in microwaves, clock radios, coffee makers and the like
  • Speed controls and light dimmers
  • AC Motors
  • Fluorescent lights with power factor correction
  • Chargers for power tools
  • HID lamps such as Metal Halide lamps

The only down side to true sine wave inverters is that they can be a little more expensive than a modified sine wave inverter.

You can buy MEAN WELL true sine wave inverters on line by clicking on the following link:

Buy True Sine Wave Inverters Online

Models range from 200 Watts right through to 3000 Watts, and some can operate as a stand-alone solar inverter for use in caravans, etc. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, don’t worry. Please contact Power Supplies Australia to discuss which inverter is best suited to your application.