Why You Need Meanwell LED Drivers


Any device that uses LED lighting will benefit from Meanwell LED drivers. LEDs, whether installed in a commercial aircraft or a consumer DVD player, require LED drivers to maintain a constant supply of power, despite voltage or temperature fluctuations. 

LED lighting is the most efficient lighting of its kind on the market. Its multiplicity of usage makes it ideal for most major manufacturers, power companies and individuals alike, and the longevity of LEDs and low heat output make them both energy efficient and economical. However, LEDs are sensitive to changes in temperature and voltage. Exposure to these sorts of variations significantly reduces the lifespan of the LED, making it less efficient and less economical. In order to preserve the lifespan of the LED lighting, an LED driver is necessary.

Meanwell LED drivers can handle almost all of your LED needs. Starting with the PCD-16, a 16 WATT constant current LED driver, Meanwell has drivers that go up to 320 WATTs, LED drivers with dimmers and DCDC constant current drivers, as well as regular constant current drivers.

The benefit of a Meanwell LED driver is the guaranteed quality of the manufacturing. While an LED system needs an LED driver, settling for anything less than a quality driver sets the LED and the manufacturer back. An LED driver that malfunctions or performs below capacity is not worth the investment, and may as well not be there. Meanwell’s legendary customer service also means that the LED driver will arrive safely and on time, and if there are any problems, a service representative will be available to help. Why settle for anything less than the best?