Mean Well Power Supply


When it comes to LED lighting and displays, Mean Well Power Supply has your LED needs covered. With over thirty years of providing quality and reliable power supplies worldwide, Mean Well began addressing LED solutions in 2006. Since then, the company has become a leading name in LED supplies, and Australians are taking notice.

Mean Well Power Supply only provides Australians with products that are Australian Approved, despite the manufacturer’s Taiwanese roots. Every LED solution is compatible with Aussie regulations, and the large stock of Mean Well products in the company warehouse ensures that the company has your LED needs, when you need them.

Whether you are looking for an LED transformer or an LED driver, Mean Well has the solution. Their drivers come in constant current models as well as dimming models, both AC phase cut dimming and dali dimming, and there are a wide variety of ranges, from lower wattages to ultra high wattages capable of handling industrial LED needs. The transformers are also outfitted with different dimming models, as well as wattage input ranges, and offer constant voltage and constant current models as well.

Mean Well Power Supply constantly expands its LED portfolio and inventory, providing customers with an important contact in the LED field. As technology advances, so does Mean Well’s LED line, keeping you up to date and well equipped for the demands of the LED market. With the exceptionally helpful service representatives, locating the most up to date or relevant LED item is an easy, painless process, and the representatives offer free technical support throughout the life of the warranty and beyond.