Spacecraft and Meanwell DCDC Converters


Meanwell DCDC Converters are an essential part of technological business as usual.  They provide power supplies to small devices such as cell phones and laptops and even motors or generators.

But using them in the construction of a spacecraft is a whole new world of technology.  In California, a series of radiation hardened DCDC converters has been introduced which will assist in the efficiency of spacecraft applications which require long lifespans, for missions ranging up to 15 years.  

Using extremely low output voltage will be a step to reducing the overall size and weight of the spacecraft, which is an ongoing need for its designers.  And this output is adjustable in order to attain the precise settings needed and regulate energy. Also, the system will reach new heights of efficiency when it comes to requirements regarding increased bandwidth and data processing speed of the craft's electronic systems.

These DCDC converters needed to be able to operate in space, and so the methodologies and approaches in creating them are far different than ones required for terrestrial purposes.  The components have to be reliable considering the environment they will be subjected to, and certain extra requirements must be met.

Despite these obstacles, the DCDC converter device is magnetic and will be able to withstand the radiation levels under which it will need to survive.  This high-tech device contains many innovative features like being able to synchronise with multiple other converters and protection for under-voltage.  For the earth-bound Meanwell DCDC converters, technology like this may prove useful in the future.