The Value of a Meanwell LED Transformer


An investment in a Meanwell LED Transformer is more than an investment in a quality transformer. It is an investment in a quality product with competitive online pricing, renowned customer service, and guaranteed Australian approved models.

LED transformers serve as the connective monitoring function between the power source and the LED. Depending on the manufacturer’s needs, Meanwell offers constant voltage, constant current, Dali dimming, AC phase cut dimming, and more. 

Within their LED transformer range, Meanwell LED transformers are recognised worldwide for their quality and reliability. When it comes to transformers, it is never a good idea to sacrifice quality for price, especially when dealing with online distrubutors. However, all Meanwell products come in Australian approved models, making them ideal for the Australian manufacturer’s needs, and without the risks associated with buying non-Australian products.

If a manufacturer has any questions regarding the specifications of the LED transformer or the requirements of a particular LED device, Meanwell has customer service representatives available on their free-call telephone line to offer technical service and product advice free of charge. 

With a product as important to overall LED function as an LED transformer, consumers should not take unnecessary risks when purchasing. Luckily, a little product research will bring the savvy consumer straight to Meanwell, where the Australian distributor Power Supplies Australia will be more than happy to answer any further questions regarding the customers LED transformer needs. Quality of product, quality of service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction are what have set Meanwell apart from other power supply manufacturers for the past thirty years.