14 May 2018

A single DALI system has 64 static addresses that can be used to control devices, such as DALI dimmable LED drivers.

Fab cooled power supplies Australia
16 May 2018

Fan-cooled power supplies could fail if used in outdoor LED signage.

Power Supplies Australia Information
14 May 2018

MEAN WELL has announced that there is to be a change to the style of labels used on certain models of MEAN WELL LED drivers.

New to Power Supplies Australia
14 May 2019

In 2018, MEAN WELL announced the launch of their new UHP Series 200-Watt, 350-Watt and 500-Watt ultra slim, fan-less power supplies.

DIN Rail DC Converter
16 May 2018

Power Supplies Australia is pleased to announce that MEAN WELL’s new range of DIN rail DC to DC converters is now in stock.