What is the Recommended Replacement Power Supply to the MEAN WELL SPV-1500-12

31 August 2021

We had a customer contact us, who needed to replace a MEAN WELL SPV-1500-12 power supply, which had given many years of service.

The SPV-1500-12 has been discontinued, so we suggested the customer considered using the MEAN WELL RSP-1600-12 as an alternative.  

MEAN WELL RSP-1600-12 Power Supply


The electrical output and functions are similar to the SPV-1500-12's, but the RSP-1600-12 has different dimensions.  

The important thing to know is that there are a couple of differences in the way the RSP-1600-12 behaves compared to the SPV-1500-12. 
Firstly, the RSP-1600-12 cannot be programmed to less than 60% of the maximum voltage, which means the minimum voltage is 7.2V. You can adjust this up or down a little bit by adjusting the small variable resistor SVR on the front panel. 
The other difference is the RSP-1600-12 will shut down after 5 seconds if it is overloaded, where the SPV-1500 will run continuously into an overload. 

If you need help in finding a replacement power supply, don’t hesitate to contact Power Supplies Australia