Conformal coating for power supply

Warning – Some Conformal Coatings may harm your Power Supply

27 June 2017

Some MEAN WELL power supplies use a fan to keep them cool during operation. Naturally, this can lead to problems with moisture and dust ingress depending on the environment in which the power supply is used.

If you intend on using a power supply in a damp, moist or dusty area we strongly recommend either using a power supply with an IP67 ingress protection rating, such as the MEAN WELL HLG series, or using a power supply that has had a conformal coating applied to the electronics by MEAN WELL during the manufacturing process.

Both options significantly reduce the chances of failure due to dust or moisture ingress.

We have come across some instances, where customers are applying a conformal coating to the internal electronics and wiring of their equipment, instead of deciding upon one of the above options.

Some conformal coatings have the potential to damage your power supply and void the warranty.

There are three particular areas of concern when applying conformal coatings to power supplies:

  • Corrosion
  • Chemical Reaction
  • Heat Dissipation


Not all conformal coatings are suitable for use with electronics. Some contain harsh chemicals that could corrode the solders and other metals used to manufacture the power supply. This has the potential to cause a failure of the power supply.

Such failures are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Chemical Reaction

Solvents from the conformal coating could also react with the surface coating of individual components inside the power supply. This could result in possible cracks in the plastic of components, or the dissolving of the surface barrier of individual components.

Heat Dissipation

The metal body of the power supply is designed to irradiate heat away from the power supply. Even if a power supply is fan cooled this irradiation still helps regulate the power supplies internal temperature, while it is working.

Some conformal coatings can have an insulating effect, trapping the heat inside the power supply, or within the individual components. This could cause the power supply to overheat. Again, damage caused by overheating is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Power Supplies Australia strongly recommends that you don’t apply any sprays or coatings to your power supply. If you are looking for a power supply that is moisture and dust resistant, we suggest you start by considering one of the below MEAN WELL power supplies.

Mean Well HLG-600H

IP67 / IP65 Ingress Protection Rating.
Can be used to power LEDs.
Dimmable Version Available.
Fan-less design.
1.8m Flex and Plug
7 Year Warranty
10 models: 40 ~ 600 Watts


Mean Well LPF-90D-24
IP67 Ingress Protection Rating (except 16W model).
Can be used to power LEDs.
Dimmable Version Available.
Fan-less design.
1.8m Flex and Plug
5 Year Warranty
4 models: 25 ~ 90 Watts


Mean Well PWM-90-12
IP67 Ingress Protection Rating.
Dimmable LED Driver with PWM output.
Fan-less design.
1.8m Flex and Plug
5 Year Warranty
4 models: 60 ~ 120 Watts


Mean Well SP-320-5CC Power Supply
5V / 55A.
Suitable for LED Sign Panels.
Conformal Coating on Electronics.
Fan cooled.
3 Year Warranty


If you uncertain which option is best suited to your application, do not hesitate to call Power Supplies Australia on 1800 632 693. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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