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In Stock: MEAN WELL’s Lowest Cost LED Drivers

19 August 2019

Power Supplies Australia now stocks MEAN WELL’s lowest cost LED drivers, the APV-8E series. 


To order click on the links below: 

Link to Product Information

Output V / A

MAX. Power Output


12V / 0.6A7



24V / 0.34A 8.16W

These LED drivers are available through Power Supplies Australia with Australian electrical safety certification.  

Unlike some other models in the range, these LED drivers do not have a factory fitted flex and plug. This helps to keep the cost to a minimum.  

Although these LED drivers are very cost effective, they still boast MEAN WELL’s high level of reliability.  The warranty period is 2 years, which is respectable for such a low-cost item. 

Remember, that in some Australian states DIY electrical work is illegal. We strongly recommend that these items are installed by a licensed electrician.