30 August 2021

Customers who purchase a MEAN WELL RBP-1600 series battery charger should note that programming via the PMBus interface can only be done using the MEAN WELL SBP-001 battery charger programmer.

MEAN WELL SBP-001 Programmer


There are two possible methods of programming the battery charger. 

Power Supplies Australia In-House Programming Service

Power Supplies Australia can pre-program your battery chargers for you prior to shipping. This is a very convenient option as the battery charger will be ready to use on arrival to your premises.  

The charging parameters that can be programmed are:  

  • Output voltage limits 
  • Output current limits 
  • Battery charge cycle settings and limits -  
  • Stage1 (constant current / boost) 
  • Stage2 (constant voltage – current drops off) 
  • Stage3 (float charge) 
  • Timeout settings to protect your battery in case of a fault 

There is a modest fee for this service. 

Purchase Your Own Programmer 

Power Supplies Australia carries the MEAN WELL battery charger programmer in stock. It is a relatively inexpensive device and is the best option for system integrators and service engineers, especially if programming needs to be done in the field. 

Software Upgrades 

MEAN WELL has made changes to the programmer software in recent months. This means if you are re-programming an RBP-1600 battery charger, which was purchased some time ago, you may need an older version of the software.  

Please contact Power Supplies Australia for advice if you are programming an RPB-1600 battery charger that you already have.  Please note that we will need the serial number of the unit that you have, so that we can confirm the version of the software that is required. 

MEAN WELL Technical Support  

If you have any other questions about programming MEAN WELL battery chargers, then please contact Power Supplies Australia. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.