New price structure

Power Supplies Australia to Implement New Pricing Structure

13 February 2019

Starting in February 2019, Power Supplies Australia will be rolling out a new pricing structure. 

The existing 1+, 5+ and 10+ breaks will remain, but we will soon be including price breaks up for quantities up to 1000 pieces.  

This means Power Supplies Australia customers no longer need to contact Power Supplies Australia for special pricing when they want to order higher quantities.  

Special project pricing will still be available on request.  

Remember, Power Supplies Australia offers free freight on all orders with a value of $50, or more. 

Stock Availability 

Power Supplies Australia only lists products that we have on the shelf.  

In many cases, we will be able to despatch your order within one business day.  

On the rare occasions where we don’t have enough stock to fulfill your order, we will contact you to advise when we will be able to supply the balance, and we will offer an alternative if available.  

If you have any questions regarding prices and availability, please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 632 693.