Output Connectors on the DDRH60 DC to DC Converters are Bridged

4 May 2022

Power Supplies Australia was recently contacted by a customer, who wanted to use the MEAN WELL DDRH-60-24 for a solar application.

The DDRH-60 series DC to DC converters are ideal for this application because of their wide 150 ~ 1500Vdc input voltage range. 

MEAN WELL DDRH-60-24 DC to DC Converter
MEAN WELL DDRH-60-24 DC to DC Converter


The DDRH-60-24 has two sets of output terminals. The customer wanted to know if there was a limit of 50% of the rated output current on each set of terminals.  

The DDRH-60-24's output terminals are bridged, you can use just one output for the whole current. 

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