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New into Store: MEAN WELL’s New Slimline Redundancy Modules

17 April 2020

Power Supplies Australia is now stocking MEAN WELL’s new range of slimline DIN rail mount redundancy modules, the DRDN20 and DRDN40 series. 



With this new range, MEAN WELL has included 12V and 48V versions in addition to the 24V capability offered by the DR-RDN40. 

You can also choose between 20A and 40A models as detailed in the following table: 

Part Number

Input Channels

Output Channels Output Voltage Rated Power



1 9~14VDC  0~20A per channel (continuous)


2 1 19~29VDC  0~20A per channel (continuous)


2 1 36~60VDC  0~20A per channel (continuous)


2 1 9~14VDC  0~40A per channel (continuous)


2 1 19~29VDC  0~40A per channel (continuous)


2 1 36~60VDC  0~40A per channel (continuous)

These new redundancy modules can be used in conjunction with a MEAN WELL DIN rail power supply as part of a 1+1, or N+1 redundancy system.  

Cooling is by free air convection, so there are no moving parts to fail, giving you maximum reliability.  

Relay contacts are provided for DC OK and input voltage alarm, so that you can monitor the status of the redundant power supply remotely.  

You also have the advantage of a wide operating temperature range of -40 ~ +80°C, with no derating up to 60°C. 

The MEAN WELL DRDN20 and DRDN40 redundancy modules come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

If you have any technical questions about these new redundancy modules, please do not hesitate to contact Power Supplies Australia