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New into Store: MEAN WELL PWM-60 LED Drivers with DALI Interface

14 May 2019

Power Supplies Australia will be stocking the MEAN WELL PWM-60 series LED drivers with DALI interface.

Our first shipment arrives toward the end of May 2019. 

The PWM series LED drivers have a PWM output, which ensures even dimming, regardless of the load on the LED driver. This make the PWM series the ideal choice when dimming LED strip, as the actual length of strip cut is not known until the point of installation.  

Mean Well PWM-60

Power Supplies Australia will be stocking the following models: 

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Output Voltage / Current 

Power Output


12V / 5A



24V / 2.5A 60W

Australian Approvals 

Power Supplies Australia has had these new LED drivers tested and certified in accordance with Australian electrical safety regulations. It should be noted that the models we stock are a modified version, to ensure compliance with Australia’s electrical safety compliance regime.  

Factory Fitted Flex and Plug 

All MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers stocked by Power Supplies Australia have a factory fitted 1.8m Australian approved flex and plug.  


The warranty period for all MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers, including these new DALI models is 5 years.  

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