New to Power Supplies Australia

DIN Rail DC to DC Converter with Wide and High Voltage Input Range

25 November 2020

Power Supplies Australia stocks the MEAN WELL DDRH-60 series of DIN rail DC to DC converters with a wide input voltage range of 150~1500VDC late April. 


There are four models available as specified in the following table: 

Part Number

Output Voltage

Output Current Power Output



10A 50W


12VDC 5A 60W


24VDC 2.5A 60W


48VDC 1.25A 60W

All models have reinforced I/O isolation rated at 4Kvac. 

The slimline design means that they are easy to accommodate inside your switchboard, or control panel.  

There is no cooling fan to fail and these units have a rated operating temperature range of -30 ~ +80 ~ ℃. If you are using these DC to DC converters in warmer temperatures, please refer to the derating curve in the data sheet to ensure that you can still pull the current that you need. 

There is also a DC OK relay contact provided so that you can remotely monitor the status of the DC power supply,  

The MEAN WELL DDRH-60 series DC to DC converters are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

If you have any technical questions about these new DC to DC converters, please do not hesitate to contact Power Supplies Australia