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New into Store: AC Phase Cut Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Drivers

14 February 2019

Exciting news from Power Supplies Australia. We now stock a comprehensive range of AC phase cut dimmable constant voltage LED drivers.

Power Source PDV-30 1
Power Source PDV-150

The key feature of AC phase cut dimmable LED drivers is that they are compatible with most commonly used leading edge, or trailing edge dimmer switches. 

Historically, if you have wanted to use a dimmable LED driver you had to replace the dimmer switch and run additional wiring to the LED driver. This of course is very inconvenient and can add considerable cost to the project.

Our new range of Power Source PDV series LED drivers solves this problem.

The PDV series LED drivers are compatible with most of the dimmer switches that you will usually find in Australian homes and offices.

Even Dimming

The Power Source PDV series LED drivers have a PWM constant volatge output. This ensures that your LEDs dim evenly, regardless of the actual load placed on the LED driver. 

Some LED drivers require you to load them to their maximum rating in order to obtain a reasonable dimming performance.

Easy Installation

To facillitate easy installation, all Power Source PDV series LED drivers have a factory fitted flex and plug. All you need do is hook the LEDs up to the DC output terminals, or wires. 

Indoor and Outdoor Models

Power Supplies Australia stocks both indoor models and models with an IP66 ingress protection rating for use outside. 

It should be noted that as with all LED drivers, the PDV series should not be mounted in direct sunlight. This could cause the temperature inside the driver to soar past its rated operating temperature range. This has the potential to result in a failure that would not be covered by the warranty. 

You should also never submerge an outdoor rated LED driver. 


All Power Source PDV series LED drivers come with a 5 year warranty.

Further Information and Ordering

Click on the following link to browse the Power Source range of constant voltage AC phase cut dimmable LED drivers. 

Phase Cut Dimmable LED Drivers

You can download data sheets, compare selected models and place orders online. 

If you cannot find the information you need, please contact Power Supplies Australia.