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New into Store – 480-Watt Railway Approved DIN Rail DC to DC Converters

12 October 2020

Power Supplies Australia now stock the MEAN WELL DDR-480 series of railway approved DIN rail mount DC to DC converters.  


These DIN rail DC converters meet railway standards EN50155 and EN45545-2. This means that as well as being suitable for railway projects, they are also the perfect solution for harsh environment applications. This is because the EN50155 standard covers aspects including temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration.  

Another useful feature is MEAN WELL’s “Current Sharing” function, which allows you to connect up to 4 units in parallel to deliver up to 1920 WATTS of power. 

There are 3 wide input voltage ranges available: 

Input Voltage Range

12V Model

24V Model 48V Model

16.8 ~ 33.6VDC 


DDR-480B-24 DDR-480B-48

33.6 ~ 67.2VDC 

DDR-480C-12 DDR-480C-24 DDR-480C-48

67.2 ~ 154VDC 

DDR-480D-12 DDR-480D-24 DDR-480D-48

The MEAN WELL DDR-480 DC converters also boast a reinforced I/O isolation of 4KVDC and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

For further information contact Power Supplies Australia on 1800 632 693.