Need a Replacement Power Supply?

31 August 2021

If you are looking for a replacement power supply, then Power Supplies Australia maybe able to help you.  

If you know the brand and model of the power supply that you need to replace, we can usually look up the manufacturer’s data sheet.  

However, these are not always available. Therefore, a couple of photos could be useful. Particularly of the power supply’s name plate, or label, and of the output connector if there is one.  

In most instances we will offer a power supply manufactured by MEAN WELL. 

MEAN WELL power supplies are used all over the world in a wide range of different applications and types of machinery. 

MEAN WELL Enclosed Power Supply


One of the key advantages to using a MEAN WELL power supply is its reliability. 

This means that service engineers occasionally come across a model of a MEAN WELL power supply that is no longer readily available. 

This is because MEAN WELL often releases new power supplies, which offer higher efficiency, higher power density and/or higher reliability, as well as offering a higher level of functionality. 

Example of our Power Supply Replacement Service 

Recently an Australian customer required a MEAN WELL IT-60D multi rail power supply in order to repair a robot. 



There was no stock of the IT-60D available in Australia. 

Although one could have been flown into Australia at a modest cost, a far more cost effective and quicker option was suggested. 

After discussing the requirements of the robot with the customer, it was decided that the best option was to buy three single rail power supplies instead, which were in stock at Power Supplies Australia at a cost of under $50 each! This meant that the customer had the robot up and running again in no time at all at very little cost. 

Please contact Power Supplies Australia if you would like assistance in identifying a suitable replacement power supply.