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MEAN WELL – Powering Reliable Credit Card Payment Systems

1 February 2018

Gold Coast Laundry Equipment has recently embarked on a project to retrofit Coin Laundries, Caravan Parks, Back Packers and Student Accommodation Sites with Card Payment Systems.

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This makes perfect sense for a society which appears to be on a pathway to becoming cashless.

Plus, there are other advantages to using card payments systems, including:

  • Convenience for the customer, who no longer needs a pocketful of loose change to use the machines.
  • Less cash on premises reduces the risk of break in and vandalism.
  • Reduces the work involved with manually reconciling cash payments and banking the coinage.

The critical thing for both the operator of the Site and the customer is reliability.

Should the card payment system fail during a transaction, the machine will not commence the selected cycle. Not only does this result in a loss of revenue for the operator, it also inconveniences the customer, who cannot get their washing done.

Therefore, it is vital that every component in the payment system is reliable, including the power supply.

Gold Coast Laundry Equipment is the sole authorised distributor for Dexter Laundry Equipment in Australia and an authorised installer of Nayax cashless payment systems.

The card reader is located on the outside of the appliance, with a mobile remote server mounted inside the machine’s enclosure.

With the newer appliances a suitable power supply is readily available to power the mobile remote server. However, with laundry equipment that was produced prior to 2015 requires a power supply to convert the 240VAC mains to a suitable DC output.

Unfortunately, MEAN WELL was not the first power supply that was considered for this application.

Although the original power supply selected has performed well in tests, there was an unacceptably high failure rate out in the field. This caused Gold Coast Laundry Equipment to look for an alternative power supply, which had a better reliability rate.

After considering a few options from MEAN WELL, Gold Coast Laundry Equipment settled on the new MEAN WELL HDR-30-12 DIN rail power supply.


The features that particularly attracted Gold Coast Laundry Equipment were:

  • The universal AC input range of 85 ~ 264VAC
  • The ability to be able to adjust the output voltage.
  • Isolation Class II power supply.
  • The 3 Year warranty period.

Universal AC Input Range

The wide input range of the MEAN WELL HDR-30-12 means that is can be used in conjunction with equipment that has been manufactured anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if there is a 110VAC, or 240VAC mains supply available the HDR-30-12 will operate with both.

Adjustable Output Voltage

Some equipment, particularly communications devices can demand very specific DC voltages to drive them. With the HDR-30-12 the output voltage can be adjusted from 10.8 to 13.8V.

Isolation Class II Power Supply

Class II power supplies don’t need an earth connection to protect against electric shock hazard. This removes the need to wire the power supply to earth, which makes the installation simpler and more cost effective.

Warranty Period

One key advantage of the MEAN WELL HDR-30-12 for Gold Coast Laundries was the 3-year warranty.

MEAN WELL was established in 1982 by Mr Jerry Lim, who still heads up the company today.

In 1986, MEAN WELL started to design and manufacture standard model power supplies. Since then MEAN WELL has gone on to establish itself as a global manufacturer of reliable and cost-effective power supplies.

Since switching to the MEAN WELL HDR-30-12, Gold Coast Laundries have not had a single power supply fail in the field.


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