MEAN WELL Power Supplies Stock in Australia

5 March 2020

Power Supplies Australia carries the largest stock holding of MEAN WELL power supplies in Australia.  

If you cannot find the power supply that you need on this website, please call us on 1800 632 693, or send an email to 

Even if we don’t have the exact model you are looking for, it is very likely that we will be able to offer a suitable alternative from our stocked range.  

Buying MEAN WELL Power Supplies from an Australian Stockist 

There are several advantages in buying your MEAN WELL power supply from a local stockist: 

  • Short delivery times 
  • Local customer service 
  • Peace of mind that the power supply has the correct approvals for Australia 
  • Adherence to Australian consumer laws 

Short Delivery Times 

Power Supplies Australia has four warehouses in Australia. Our main warehouse is at our headquarters in Melbourne and we have three satellite warehouses in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.  

This means for most of our customers in Australia, their MEAN WELL power supplies are delivered on the next business day, even if the goods are sent via road freight.  

Of course, if it is very urgent you are welcome to collect from one of our warehouses. Not all warehouses carry the full range of stock, so please contact us prior to placing your order.  

When you order MEAN WELL power supplies from an overseas seller, the delivery time can be a bit longer because of the distances your goods have to travel. However, there is the risk that the goods could be held up unexpectedly at customs, or that they may be delayed due to lack of availability of space on an aircraft.  

Local Customer Service 

Even though Power Supplies Australia is an online shop, we have a dedicated customer service team and factory trained technicians on hand for you to talk to.  

Whether you want assistance in selecting a suitable MEAN WELL power supply, or if you need after sales support, we are here to help you.  

Because we have offices on the east and west coasts of Australia, we have staff on hand in your local time zone.  

Australian Electrical Safety Certification of Power Supplies 

Australia has specific laws regarding the testing and certification of certain types of power supplies.  

When you buy from an overseas reseller, it is your responsibility to ensure that the MEAN WELL power supply you have ordered is compliant with Australia’s laws and that you can readily provide any documentation requested by the safety regulators. 

Not every single power supply is compliant with Australia’s electrical safety regulations. This is because MEAN WELL manufacture power supplies for use in many different countries, and the electrical safety laws in some countries are not compatible with Australia’s. 

Buying MEAN WELL from Power Supplies Australia means that you don’t have to worry about this.  

We are responsible for ensuring every MEAN WELL power supply we stock complies with Australia’s electrical safety laws and EMC regulations.  

Adherence to Australian Consumer Law 

Being an Australian based business, we are bound by Australia’s corporate and consumer laws. 

This is not the case if your supplier is overseas. How often have you heard stories of people paying their money, only to receive a power supply that is not the genuine article, or has been used before and repaired, or not receiving anything at all? 

In such circumstances you have very little recourse with the supplier.  

Our Range of MEAN WELL Power Supplies in Stock 

Our stocked range of MEAN WELL power supplies includes the following: 

  • LED drivers 
    • Constant voltage 
    • Constant current 
    • Dimmable 
    • DALI 
    • Non dimming 
  • DIN rail power supplies 
    • Single phase 
    • Two phase 
    • Three phase 
  • Enclosed power supplies (caged type) 
    • Single rail 
    • Multi rail 
    • High output voltage 
  • Open frame power supplies (pcb type) 
  • DC to DC converters 
    • DIN rail mount 
    • Enclosed (caged type) 
    • PCB mount 
  • Power adapters 
    • Desk top 
    • Plug packs 

Therefore, we are confident that we can help fulfill whatever requirement you may have.

MEAN WELL power supplies stock in Australia