Mean Well DR-UPS40 Installation Instructions

MEAN WELL DR-UPS40 Installation Instructions

27 June 2017

The MEAN WELL DR-UPS40 battery management module is used in conjunction with a MEAN WELL 24V power supply (max 40A) and a battery.

The three components work together to create a DC battery back-up system (an Uninterruptable Power Supply).

Mean Well DR-UPS40


The DR-UPS40 is a nominal 24VDC system with a 2A charging capacity. It is designed to be used with lead acid batteries between 4 to 12AH.

To create a DC uninterruptable power supply (UPS) you need a MEAN WELL 24VDC power supply capable of producing enough current to supply your load and to charge the battery.

The power supply must be adjusted to 27.6V output in order to properly charge a 24V battery.

This voltage is connected to the DC terminals of the MEAN WELL DR-UPS40 and the battery is connected to the BAT terminals. See the below connections diagrams.

Back up connection for AC interruption.

Mean Well DR-UPS40 Wiring Diagram


Combined with redundancy module MEAN WELL DR-RDN20, to back up AC interruption or failure of PSU

Mean Well DR-UPS40 DR-RDN20 Wiring Diagram

Once all of the components are connected, the system will work as follows:

AC power is applied to the MEAN WELL power supply. The output of the power supply (adjusted to 27.6VDC) goes to your load and the DC terminals of the DR-UPS40. This voltage powers your load and charges the battery, through the battery charger in the DR-UPS40.

If the AC mains fails, the DR-UPS40 instantly switches your load across to the battery, and the battery start to power your load.

Once all the connections are correct, check to see that the load has power and that the DR-UPS40 has 27.6VDC across the DC terminals. If the voltage is lower than 27.6VDC the battery will not fully charge and will not power your load for as long as it should.

If you have any questions about using the DR-UPS40, please do not hesitate to call Power Supplies Australia on 1800 632 693.