Mean WELL’s 600W Weather proof LED driver in Stock!

26 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia is a proud stockist of the MEAN WELL HLG-600H series weatherproof LED drivers.

As with the other MEAN WELL HLG models
the HLG-600 is available in IP67 and IP65 adjustable models. Dimmable versions are also available.

MEAN WELL HLG-600H Weatherproof LED Driver


We stock 12V and 24V models with a factory fitted 1.8m Australian flex and plug. Other output voltages are stocked, but with the standard 300mm AC input cable with bare wires. Both options carry Australian electrical safety approvals.

Question of the week:

What LED Driver do I need?

Actually we do get asked this fairly frequently. Before we can actually answer that question for you, there are a few things we need to know.

The 5 things we need to know are:

  • Do you need a Constant Current or Constant Voltage LED driver?
  • What is the required output?
  • How powerful does the LED driver need to be?
  • Where is the LED driver going to situated?
  • Do you want to dim the LEDs?

Once we have the answers to these questions we can advise you on the most suitable LED driver to use.

Wrap Up

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