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Important – Using MEAN WELL PB-600 Battery Chargers in Caravans

9 April 2020

The MEAN WELL PB-600 series battery chargers have 3 different charging modes, which are selected via a switch located adjacent to the output terminals.  

For caravan use, the switch must be set to the 3-stage position.  

This way, the charger will initially boost the batteries, then drop back to float mode when the battery is charged and stay in this mode as for as long as power is connected.  

Please note that the switch can be a little stiff to move and the positions may not line up 100% perfectly with the label on the case.  

Use your thumbnail to click the switch to the left most (or right most) position, then move it one click to the centre position. You can easily feel the clicks with your thumb. 

Do not use any other mode if you are charging caravan batteries. 

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