Avoid overloading power supplies

How to Avoid Overloading Power Supplies

26 October 2017

Care should always be taken to avoid overloading your MEAN WELL power supply.

MEAN WELL power supplies feature built-in overload protections, such as ‘hiccup mode’ and constant current limiting.

You can read more about how these overload protections work in our blog post “MEAN WELL POWER SUPPLY HICCUP MODE”.

However, these protections should be seen as a last line of defence, rather than a feature that is to be used as part of the regular operation of the power supply.

If there is the potential for peaks in the load characteristics, then Power Supplies Australia recommends selecting a power supply that has a rated maximum output that is higher than the expected peak load.

In fact, as a general rule, Power Supplies Australia recommends that the load on the power supply doesn’t exceed 80% of the power supply’s maximum output rating. This gives you some ‘headroom’ to allow for any unexpected peaks in the load.

There is one exception to this recommendation and that is for customers using the MEAN WELL HLG, ELG and LPF-D dimmable LED drivers. These need to be loaded as closely to the maximum output rating as possible to ensure even dimming. Power Supplies Australia suggested a load of 90 ~ 95% with these particular power supplies.

If you would like some assistance in selecting a suitable power supply, then call Power Supplies Australia on 1800 MEAN WELL (1800 632 693). A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.