Can I use a MEAN WELL PB-300 Series Battery Charger in My Caravan?

31 August 2021

The answer is not without the battery charger being modified first. 

Generally speaking, 12V batteries are used in caravans. If you are thinking of using the PB-300P-12 we recommend you consider using the PB-360P-12CDM instead.

MEAN WELL PB-360 Battery Charger
PB-360P-12CDM Battery Charger


The critical thing here is to ensure the part number of the battery charger you order has the ‘CDM’ suffix. This indicates that the charger has been modified so that it can be used to charge lead acid batteries (flooded, Gel, and AGM) in a caravan. 

If you cannot use the PB-360P-12CDM, Power Supplies Australia can modify the PB-300P-12.

In many cases equipment in the caravan, such as refrigerators, can be running when the battery is being charged. This can cause the charger to over-charge the battery, which can shorten the battery’s life.  

The PB-360P-12CDM behaves differently to the standard PB-300P-12 and PB-360P-12 models and will not over charge the caravan’s batteries.  

The PB-360P-12CDM is not suitable for charging Lithium batteries. If you wish to charge Lithium batteries contact Power Supplies Australia with the brand and model number of the batteries you wish to charge. 

We will gladly check to see if there is MEAN WELL power supply in stock that is compatible with the Lithium batteries you wish to charge.