1-10VDC Dimming Pot in Stock

26 August 2021

Power Supplies Australia stocks the Power Source D1-10 1-10VDC dimmer. 

This is a simple two wire device, so all that is required is to connect them to the two dimming wires on any MEAN WELL LED driver WITH 3-in-1, or 2-in-1 dimming. Connect the dimming leads in parallel if you want to control multiple Mean Well LED drivers simultaneously. 

Power Source D1-10
Power Source Power Source D1-10 1-10V Dimmer


The D1-10 can be mounted in a standard architrave switch fitting.

Technical Question of the Week: 

Can I use the internal relay in the MEAN WELL DAP-04 DALI ~ PWM converter to switch the mains to a MEAN WELL LED power supply?

Switchmode response:

The internal relay is rated at 8A continuous and 50A surge. This means it can be used with 40W power supplies only, as anything larger has an inrush current that exceeds 50A.

If you want to control a larger supply, or multiple supplies, you must use an external relay or contactor to handle the higher current. 



Wrap Up: 

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